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Mariachi Sol Azteca De Tucson

Director: Adam Romo
Assistant Director : Angel Guzman
Address (rehearsal site): El Rio Center
                                          1321 W. Alameda St. 
                                          1390 W. Speedway Blvd.
Phone:  - (520) 882-4712 and  - (520) 578-1962
Email: and

Artistic focus: Mariachi

Background and Group Profile: Sol Azteca was founded in summer 2001 by Adam Romo, a performer with over nine years experience.   Although new, Mariachi Sol Azteca currently operates as one of the most professional young mariachis in Arizona.

Mariachi Sol Azteca includes Angel Guzman (violin), Jessica Rojas (violin), John Moralez (trumpet), Roy Valenzuela (trumpet), Adam Romo (guitarron, all instruments), Samuel Maez (guitar), Luis Valenuela (guitar), Roberto Lopez (vihuela), Lupita Salcido, José Ocano, Juan Ruiz (violin), and Carlos Miranda (harp).  These 12 performers range in age from 12-17 years old. Performers must audition for the group. At the audition performers must demonstrate that they know how to sing and play an instrument. They must also know at least three major scales and how to read sheet music.  Many of the current members of Mariachi Sol Azteca started playing in elementary or junior high school with groups such as Mariachi Milagro, Sonido de Mexico and Pistor Junior High School Mariachi.

The performers in Sol Azteca wear charro suits. A charro suit is the equivalent of Mexican cowboy dress.  The members of mariachi groups usually wear charro suits. The stylish outfits feature plateado (shiny silver buttons) along the outer side seams of the pants and jacket.  Performers also wear sombreros (hats), and gale (special boots) as well as monos (bowties). While the suits worn by the Mariachi Sol Azteca are black or blue grey, other colors, including yellow, white, and tan are also worn by mariachis.

Performance focus: Mariachi Sol Azteca  plays at retirement homes, fiestas, and house parties. The group also plays for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, quinceañeras, festivals and church functions. Some of their favorite songs include: La negra, El rey, Jesusita, Volver, Madrugada, and La noche y tu, Tu nombre me sabe a yerba, Relampago, Amor de los dos, La Bamba,  Ella, Jalisens, Viva Veracruz , La gloria eres tu, and Fallaste corazón.

Recordings: Sol Azteca plans to release a CD in January of 2002.

Quote: "We strive to perform our best and give the crowd the best show they have ever seen....  [Also, a group like Sol Azteca keeps]  kids out of trouble, out of  gangs, off drugs and off the street." ~ Adam Romo.

Mariachi Sol Azteca De Tucson